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An Earthly A-Fair- 2021 South Florida Fair

An Earthly A-Fair- 2021 South Florida Fair

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An all-new and different featured exposition every year.

Since 1993, the themed expositions produced each year during the South Florida Fair are one of the most popular attractions of the 17-day event.
April 22, 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and we decided to emphasize the importance of this special day and the planet by declaring “An Earthly A-Fair” as our 2021 theme. The South Florida Fair will be held Jan. 15 – 31, 2021.

“Every year we look to implement new changes to ‘green’ our fair and facility,” said South Florida Fair President & CEO Vicki Chouris.

Last year, the fair recycled cardboard, asked the vendors to eliminate plastic, including straws and other service items, and worked with Tellus Products in Belle Glade, which converts leftover sugarcane fiber into disposable tableware, such as containers, plates and bowls.”

The 2021 annual event – January 15-31- featuring “An Earthly A-Fair” themed exposition, will be ultimately green. We want to show our visitors that small changes in how we live can make a huge impact on our earth.

These efforts will be complemented with activities, entertainment, interactive and educational exhibits about climate change, green initiatives, endangered species, protection of the environment, clean air, water conservation, the importance of agriculture and more.