Dinosaur at JW Marriot. Photo by Jonna Tuukkanen

Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful, idyllic city North from Florida, only about 7-hour drive away from Lake Worth, Florida (if you plan to stop once or twice on the way). Savannah was established in 1733 when General James Oglethorpe arrived there on his ship Anne, and 120 passengers. Georgia is the 13th, and last American colony, named after England’s King George II. Savannah is Georgia’s first city, and it has a lot to offer for a weekend getaway.



Cotton Sail Hotel by the river, in heart of downtown is a unique boutique style hotel, and part of the Hilton chain. The building itself holds a lot of history, built in 1820 and once serving as a cotton warehouse. The building blends into the scenery well, mixing old features with modern twists. The current floors throughout the hotel were salvaged during the hotel renovation and transformed into beautiful finished hardwood floors in each room. The ceiling height is grand and the tiny balconies from the rooms offer a magnificent view of the river. Even though the building is old, the hotel offers all the modern-day essentials including high-speed internet, and rooftop bar with full service of cocktails and wines, accompanied with small tapas style dishes.

Cotton Sail Hotel, Savannah. Photo by Jonna Tuukkanen


River walk and Christmas Market 

The Savannah River is beautiful and the Christmas Market alongside it brings it really into life with all the dazzling lights. The Market models traditional European Christmas markets with little booths for all kinds of vendors. Get your holiday goodies before the market closes on January 3rd.

Savannah river, Photo by Jonna Tuukkanen
Savannah Street, Photo by Jonna Tuukkanen


Hotel lobby like a museum

JW Marriot Savannah Plant Riverside District offers a unique experience for their hotel guests, and people just walking through their lobby. A full-size dinosaur skeleton (wearing a Santa hat), fossils, and amethysts so big I have never seen. The Christmas Market street ends conveniently at the entrance to JW Marriot and you can get a museum visit without paying a penny (unless you are staying at the hotel).

JW Marriot Entrance, Photo by Jonna Tuukkanen


Dinner at VIC’s on the River 

Dinner at this iconic location concludes the perfect day spent in Savannah. The building itself was built in 1859 and it has served in many purposes, including as a warehouse. The restaurant is located right on the river, 26 East Bay St. and they have a coffee shop on the street level where you take the elevator to the actual restaurant. Their menu is expansive, food delicious, and their extremely helpful staff is more than happy to take your picture on one of their iron balconies with the river as the backdrop.

on Vic


The city has so many other things to offer as well. Many restaurants have rooftops serving specialty cocktails under heaters to keep you warm. You can take a trolley ride around the city or if looking for something more romantic, you can find old-fashioned horse carriages to take you around the city as well. On the river, you’ll see all the old, newly renovated, factories and you can actually walk up the stairs to one of the chimneys.


Couldn’t ask for more – perfect place to get away from the busy city life.