A five-hour flight from Miami is one of the most exciting holiday destinations –
Las Vegas.

I had imagined the city to be like taking a hand that takes all the holiday money to
Casinos, but does not offer anything interesting back. It was ashamed of my prejudices.

Already in the airplane window I got great photos for 24 hours of lively with two million inhabitants In. The 20-kilometre-long Strip passing through the city is the center around which almost all hotels with their casinos are located. Hotels are like whole cities
Built around different themes, there are New York, Paris, Venetia, Luxor and others who
Include a variety of activities in addition to casinos and hotels.

Hotel complex Mirage’s  backyard opens a magnificent zoo-Siegfried och Roys
Secret Garden where you can watch a dolphin play on the surface of water and underwater. There are also rare white tigers. Enjoy the sun and swim in the hotel’s front yard under
Waterfalls. That’s what we need in August, 40 degrees dry temperature.
In the waters of hotel Venetian You can take a ride with the Condooles in the Italian Venetzian.

The versatile Hotel Bellagio has a remake of the popular thriller film from 2001 “Ocean
Eleven of the criminals make a great casino robbery. When entering the hotel you will arrive to the huge lobby that is decorated differently every month with the latest themes. Our visit there was the subject of Italian flower gardens, swans and lakes. The hotel also includes a theatre where the world famous Circus Soleil has for twenty years presented an incredibly daring acrobatic show “O”.
Many other hotel complexes have different musical events, such as Michael
The Jackson show, the Beatles show, the Elvis show as well as topical star performers such as Celine Dion was our course.

One of the newest complexes, WYNN Las Vegas offers a huge casino and a variety of
Eye Candy-luxurigalleries, art performances etc.
In Las Vegas It is not only necessary to get around the casino but to see all tastes
Including. can also curl up in the original (now time in a dilefied and notorious)
Downtown Las Vegas which was founded in 1905.

A couple of hours drive away you can visit Arizona’s GRAN Canyons and Hoover DAM
Building. The Colorado River, one of the world’s largest dam structures, Hoover Dam
Between Nevada and Arizona desert and is truly a great Worth. On the steep slopes of Gran Canyon while walking and down the running Colorado River Can sense the small and millennia of human life.
In Las Vegas, of course, I could not have tried luck in casinos, but it happened like
For others, surely these casinos without us would be able to live. But the fun was in the Games Until the money earmarked for them had been wasted.