Florida’s Davie is home to the Botanical Gardens and Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary. This magnificent wildlife park is also called Flamingo Gardens; however, it is so much more than just pink birds. The Wildlife Sanctuary and Botanical Garden is a great place to visit with the entire family.

Welcome to Flamingo Gardens sign
Welcome to Flamingo Gardens

The park has over 3,000 tropical and subtropical plants; hundreds of native and exotic trees, orchid collections and different areas like butterfly and hummingbird garden. However, the garden is not only about parks and nature preserving, but also a wildlife sanctuary. The animals living in the Flamingo Gardens have been injured permanently so they cannot be released back into the wild. This is the largest collection of wildlife in the United States with over 85 species. These animals are native to Florida, and you can see wildlife like Alligators, lynx, otters and of course those slender pink flamingos.

Flamingo Gardens flowers

The Flamingo Gardens is known of its pink and almost white flamingos. Before entering the park, you can purchase a small bag of bird feed and yes, in this park, you are allowed to feed the birds. Flamingos cohabit in perfect harmony with the other birds that visit their pond.

Flamingos at Flamingo Gardens
Flamingos at Flamingo Gardens

I wasn’t expecting to see alligators right next to the flamingo pond but there they were. Not in the same waters of course, but their enclosures are right next to each other. Two gigantic alligators were lounging in their space and across the little bridge you could see several baby alligators. Fun fact: Elvis alligator who became known from Miami Vice as Sonny Crocket’s pet was from Flamingo Park. Elvis has passed away since, but his name is still alive. In the pictures: Elvis the 3rd and Pricilla.

Alligator at Flamingo Gardens
Alligators at Flamingo Gardens
Alligators at Flamingo Gardens
Alligators at Flamingo Gardens
Baby alligators
Baby alligators at Flamingo Gardens

The White Birds
Flamingo Gardens has white birds everywhere. They are flying around, walking among people, and they also have their own pond where you can see hundreds of them. Among these seabirds you can spot cranes, swans, and storks.

White Birds
White Birds at Flamingo Gardens

The colorful and cheerful parrots welcome all visitors to Flamingo Gardens. In the park you can see Quakers, Cockatoos and Toucans. While in the park, visitors are allowed to feed the flamingos, however, the parrot enclosure has a sign not to put your fingers inside. If I’m not mistaken, the parrot’s jaw is quite strong

Parrots at Flamingo Gardens
Parrots at Flamingo Gardens

Meet the Otters
These people loving otters definitely put on a show for all visitors. They have their own water slide, swimming pool where they were showing their skills, and the enclosure was filled with all kinds of toys to keep them occupied and entertained. The Flamingo Gardens otter enclosure is one of the most successful breeding programs in the country. Total of 34 offspring has been released into the wild or given to other breeding programs to preserve the species. Meet Fast Eddie, Bella, Patches and Spanky.

Fast Eddie, Bella, Patches and Spanky at Flamingo Gardens

The peacocks roam free at the park, just like they do in Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki. And remember, you are not allowed to collect their feathers from here either. Flamingo Park is home to a rare white peacock as well.

Peacock at Flamingo Gardens
valkoinen riikinkukko
Female and rare white peacock at Flamingo Gardens

The Wray House Museum
In the middle of the park there is a ranch style house. The house was built in 1933 by Floyd and Jane Wray and it functions as a museum now. This is one of the oldest houses in the area and it was renovated in 1991 to represent as authentically as possible how living in South Florida looked like in the 1930s.

Wray talo
The Wray House Museum at Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens is perfect size for the entire family to visit. However, if you do get tired, the park offers a free, guided, trolley rides every 30 minutes around the park. The garden and wildlife sanctuary is open for visitors every day and you can purchase your ticket in advance or upon arrival to the park. There is free parking, you do not have to wear a mask outdoors, it is requested while indoors, but not mandatory.

Have a pleasant day trip to the Flamingo Gardens and let us know how you liked it. Tickets and garden hours here.

Alligator at Flamingo Gardens
Alligators at Flamingo Gardens. All pictures used in this article taken by Jonna Tuukkanen.