Vaccine Eligibility Age to 18 in Florida


Once again, the vaccine eligibility age will be lowered in Florida!

Governor Ron DeSantis announced in his YouTube channel that starting April 5th, every Floridian over 18 years of age will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

DeSantis announced on March 25th that Florida’s Seniors first vaccination strategy has paid off and more than 3.2 million seniors, older than 65, has been vaccinated. President Joe Biden had previously set a date of May 1st, when every adult, over the age of 18 in United States has to have eligibility to get the Covid vaccine no matter the age, profession, or underlying conditions. Biden had mentioned, that giving eligibility doesn’t mean though that everyone would get vaccinated on May 1st, just that everyone is eligible.

DeSantis mentions in his video, that Florida will be lowering the age eligibility even before Biden’s deadline. Starting March 29th, the current age limit will be lowered from 50 years down to 40 years. And comes April 5th, every Floridian adult over the age of 18 is eligible to receive the vaccination.

DeSantis continues in his video briefing that roughly 70% of the 4.4 million seniors living in Florida has been vaccinated and there has been good progress in the other age groups as well. The hospitalizations and case rates for senior citizens have plummeted since Florida started vaccinating the seniors and they want to keep the good momentum going.

Florida has worked hard to bring the vaccines directly to underserved communities and has partnered with many pharmacies like Publix, CVS, Sam’s Club, Walmart, WinnDixie and new vaccine locations are constantly opened. Also, a program was established to vaccine homebound seniors, holocaust survivors, as well as veterans.

Looking forward to April 5th!

Source: Governor Ron DeSantis YouTube Channel