When is the last time you checked the accuracy of your travel notification with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs?

Matkustusilmoitus.fi is a service offered to Finnish citizens traveling or residing abroad. The register is maintained by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and it is completely voluntary. The register is used to contact personnel traveling or living abroad in possible crisis situations. Filling the form is recommended especially when traveling to risk-prone areas.

If a crisis happens, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs can contact the Finns who have entered their travel details in the service. Some examples of crisis situations include:

  • Major disasters
  • Devastating natural catastrophes
  • Evacuation situations

The travel notification asks for following information:

  • Personal details
  • Contact information during your journey
  • Travel details
    • e.g. Travel dates
    • People you are traveling with
    • Emergency contact person

As a Finnish citizen, but living permanently abroad, you can also submit the travel notification. The form allows you to select an option that you live permanently abroad. However, if you are living in the US as of right now, but might be returning to Finland e.g., after a work visa expires, add the estimated return date into your information. If dates change, not to worry, you can update your information as needed.

Permanent move to abroad

If you filled out the form when you first moved abroad and have not viewed it since, it might be good to update it. While at it: update your personal information, new address, phone number if changed, or if you became an American citizen. The service is offered only to Finns but, if you have a dual nationality, you can add that into your information as well.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs does not get your information from the Population Register Centre

If you have updated your permanent U.S. address into the Population Register Centre in Finland, do know that they will not give your information to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. It is good to keep your information updated in both systems, especially if the safety situation in the destination country causes concern.

Travel Notification is Completely Voluntary

It is not mandatory to provide your travel information to Matkustusilmoitus.fi., however it is recommended. Your personal information is never disclosed for any other than necessary official purposes.

Visit www.matkustusilmoitus.fi to read more about the travel notification, check if your information is up to date, or to fill out the form. Also, if you no longer want the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland to know where you are, you can easily remove your information from their registry by deleting your user account.

Thank you for submitting the form