Florida is moving in full speed giving vaccines to Floridians and we can see a glimpse of life getting back to normal. For many people, normal life also means traveling, but if you haven’t travelled in a while, there are few things to take under consideration before, after, and during your travel plans.

Both, the United States as well as Finland have their own rules and regulations when it comes to COVID-19 and travel. Before reserving your summer vacation, check the current rules and after booking your tickets, keep checking as the rules keep on changing with the evolving situation. You’ll find useful links at the end of the article; definitely worth bookmarking when travel plans are in your mind.

Finland and Green Certificate

Covid-19 passport discussion is ongoing and EU announced earlier this month that Digital Green Certificate is on its way. This COVID-19 vaccine certificate might be seen in use as early as this summer. Finland is preparing for this with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the My Kanta service. This digital system requires precise legislation as it requires transferring personal health information from one country to another. Finland’s vaccination certificate is designed to be compatible with the international model.

There is also a lot of discussion in the United States regarding developing a COVID-19 passport and it is dividing opinions. The Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is opposing the vaccine passport if it is being used to restrict admissions to movie theaters, sporting events, theme parks and airplanes.

“It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, press conference on 3-29-2021, source npr.org

Requirements about testing and vaccines

If you have received your COVID-19 vaccine, it is good to travel with all the documents. However, regardless of your vaccination status, Finland still requires you to have a negative Covid test result, maximum 72 hours old, when entering the country. You can also have a letter from your doctor stating that you have had Covid and you are allowed to travel.

The United States follows the same policy as Finland regarding Covid testing and travel. If visiting family in Finland and you are returning to the US, remember to get tested before boarding the plane, and everyone over 2 –years of age are required to do so. If you have received your vaccine in Finland, bring all those documents with you as well and make sure that all your documentation is in English.

US borders are still closed

White House and President Biden announced in January that travel is still restricted from certain countries. Finland is included in this list and vacationing in the US is not yet feasible. US citizens, legal permanent residents, and some visa holders are allowed to travel back to United States. A full list of who is allowed to enter the country can be found in the Presidential Actions White House briefing.

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