My little house on the highway

Hello, I’m Elina. Welcome to follow my journey with my husband Heikki across North America. In this blog, you can get a behind-the-scenes look what life is like on the road.

Tuesday 3.24.2021 Toward the Sunrise

The sun rose directly in front of us and we drove towards it until it was so high that it no longer dazzled our eyes.  We needed to use for sunglasses again.  I put big sunglasses on my glasses so I could see something in front of me.  At times, I lifted them on my forehead so I could read new information online. My sunglasses were too dark for me to read the text on the tablet. Today I was researching what kind of air fryer would work best in the small space of our truck. I was also researching how to get my text messages to both my phone and my tablet.  Information was found, but there is no activity on my phone that would work.  So I need to go to the store or call someone.

Oklahoma City was the first big city in front of us.  We drove, again, next to Tinker Air Force base.  Soon we stopped at the truck stop to get better coffee.  Heikki said that morning coffee was horrible.  Fortunately, I don’t drink coffee. I can choose for myself what kind of tea bag I take and how strong I drink.  On this trip, I have drank only hot blackcurrant juice, not tea. It’s been good every time!

There are enough road construction sites.  Sometimes there is another lane closed, sometimes both and then all the traffic is directed to one side.  At times, it feels like there is a narrow lane to the truck, but they fit well.

Nature begins to change color: shrubs get their colorful colors back, leaves begin to turn green, just like lawns.

It was interesting to note that on the Arkansas side, in the beginning, the trees were greener than in Oklahoma.

Arkansas has the only diamond mine in the country and individuals are allowed to dig their own diamonds.

Interesting information about Arkansas:

There were lakes here and there, more than 2,000 throughout the state.  More than 11,000 lakes in Michigan and more than three million in Alaska.
Here, too, there were white picket fences surrounding the properties.  The horses were missing.

Heikki talked to Jussi on the phone and they arranged an appointment at one truck stop.  Jussi was coming from the east and we from the west.  We were both on I-40.  I calculated the average speed we had to drive to meet Jussi at the same time.  The first meeting place was not successful due to traffic congestion, but we tried the second.  Jussi is on his way to California.

Today I got pictures of two “Adopt A Highway” signs.  I covered the names of those who have adopted a mile / 1.6 km (?) section of the road.

We stopped to take a mandatory-half-hour break (must take it if the intention is to run for more than 8 hours non stop), and it was really warm outside.  It was only 5C / 41F in the morning, now 26C / 79F.  I didn’t need a jacket anymore.


We met Jussi before Memphis and it was nice to exchange news.  Jussi had to spend time when he wasn’t allowed to drive an oversized load in Little Rock 4-6 pm
Somewhere there was black smoke, was it on another bridge?  Soon we were in Tennessee and we drove pretty close to Graceland.  And it didn’t take long when we were in Mississippi.  Even today, we drove in four different states: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi.
We tried one truck stop as our place to sleep, but it was pretty full and we drove to the next one.  Fortunately, the distance was only 18 miles / 29 km.  We only had 45 minutes left, so we had time. This place was pretty full too, but luckily there were a couple of places left . Today was a full day again.  For tomorrow we will have left about 550 miles / 880 km.
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