BCFS, Broward County Film Society organizes FLiFF, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, annually. This year the festival is being organized for the 36th time between November 4th and 21st.  You can enjoy movies all around Broward county or from the comfort of your own home thanks to on demand shows as well.

FLIFF poster
Fliff Poster, displayed at Gateway. picture by Jonna Tuukkanen

33 different countries are represented but unfortunately we won’t see Finland on the list this year. Other Nordic countries are represented though: Denmark with Persona Non Grata, Norway with two movies: Betrayed and Diana´s Wedding and of course Sweden with their movie called Alive. Many other European countries made the cut too. France has total of 5 movies, Greece 1, and Italy 3. There are plenty of Covid-19 movies, and funny ones too like Can’t touch this Covid-19 parody. And of course, there is a long list of documentaries which area a must when it comes to international movie festivals

I am most intrigued to see Larry Flynt for President, directed by Nadia Szold and a Documentary film Stalking Chernobyl: Exploration After Apocalypse by lara Lee. And why not; Christmas is approaching and Twas the Night seems to have a new twist over traditional Holiday movies and it is categorized as a holiday comedy thriller. It must be good.

The United States is represented with a solid 101 movies. 13 of these are filmed right here in Broward County:

  1. After the Piano
  2. Diana Lynn
  3. Senior Moments
  4. The Deal
  5. Beer Kings
  6. Blank Canvas
  7. Art of Warriors
  8. Hurricane Season
  9. Pompano Boy
  10. Curbside Pickup
  11. Her and Him
  12. Telekinesis for Beginners
  13. Gun and Run

Also, there is also 5 additional movies with a link to Florida:

  • Landscape #4 is part of short movie collage called Road Trip. Landscape might be the shortest of them all with the lenght of only 5 minutes. The movie happens somewhere in South-Florida in the middle of sugar cane fields.
  • Wade in the Water: Drowning In Racism 2021 is part of 7 short movie collection.
  • Questions & Comments comes from Florida and is directed by Alexandra Alvarez who is only 22 years old.
  • Inside the Covid Unit: Battling the Coronavirus Pandemic in Miami lenght 26 minutes. As the title describes this movie takes you inside a small hospital in Miami during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • A Break for Impact, is 30 minutes in length, but even short films can tell a big story. This one is a story of a legal studies professor who takes a group of students to the border of US and Mexico to experience a different kind of a spring break.

Fliff is organized in multiple locations and one of them is the iconic  Gateway in heart of Fort Lauderdale. You can see all locations on flill.com and when you select a movie, you can see all the times and different locations where it will be showed.

The ticket prices vary depending if you purchase one in advance ($13) or at the door ($15). For those true movie fanatics, there will be also parties and red carpet with movie stars and celebrities. And tickets are already available to purchase!

Fliff is organized annually by BCFS, Broward County Film Society. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1986. One way to support them is to get your ticket to the international movie festival. Looking forward to seeing you at Gateway!

Inside Gateway Movie theater
Gateway has that old charm indeed. Picture by Jonna Tuukkanen

Ps. Did you know that Gateway movie theater was established in 1951 and it has been in the same spot ever since. This theater is definitely worth checking inside and out!