This Holiday season, is your family staying in a hotel, vacation rental, or how about a night on a boat?

Is family visiting during this holiday season? Is the guestroom already reserved and not feeling like having cousins sleeping on the floor in the living room? How about offering them to stay on a boat?

Florida offers sunshine all year long and to no one’s surprise, family and friends from colder states and from Finland do enjoy visiting us especially during the holiday months. But, when the guest room is already taken by the in-laws, question arises; where to place the rest of the family and friends. How about a cool rental property instead of a hotel night, and not just any condominium or house, but how about a boat?

Florida is made for boating and water is everywhere. You’ll see all kinds of boats docked at every pier, from super yachts to sail boats. Boating is a popular hobby in this state; however, many boats are docked empty more than what they are used. Airbnb offers a solution to this. Now all boat owners have the possibility to list their yacht or sailboat to be rented for sleeping purposes.

Airbnb website has an extensive list of different types of boats to rent. The same rules apply to booking a house boat or a “regular” apartment or a house. The boats are meant for only sleeping purposes, so the boat will not leave the dock. However, the renter gets to enjoy all the amenities listed plus the calming sound of the waves (depending of course where the boat is parked).

So how about next time family and friends come over for a visit, offer them to stay on a boat. That way they’ll get the full Florida experience; sunshine and plenty of surrounding water.

Rosemary’s yacht is parked in her backyard in her private pier. She offers extra amenities for the renters inside her house as well.

Yacht for rent
Rosemary rents her yacht, which is park in her own pier. Image source from Airbnb

VRBO also offers and extensive list of house boats and yachts for rent. Check out the full list of different boats in your area from VRBO.

house boat for rent
Sean McDonald rents his houseboat through VRBO. Image source vrbo.

Before booking the boat, it is good to take under consideration the location of the yacht. If the boat is parked right by downtown, majority of these boats prohibit organizing parties on the boat. So, make sure that the location and boat fits the needs that you are looking for. And remember to read the tiny print too! Happy holidays all!