The St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church Council, along with pastor Mia Hagman, have decided not to request an extension to the pastor’s work visa, which expires at the beginning of 2022. The basis for this decision is the will to find a more reasonable economic solution to deal with year-round pastoral duties to a congregation which is very seasonal in its makeup.

In the future, the work of the pastor will be divided between a part-time pastor who is local, and a pastor sent by the Church of Finland, and possible supply pastors provided by the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America). Due to the quiet summer season, as well as recruitment cycles from Kirkkohallitus in Finland, the Church Council and pastor Mia Hagman have unilaterally decided that the pastor’s current contract will end on June 30, 2021.

St. Andrew’s congregation is living in a time of controlled change. Our purpose with this and other proactive measures is to ensure the viability and welfare of the congregation for decades to come. We want to be a congregation that is faithful to the Bible, yet strongly rooted in the present and promoting the unity of all Christians as a grace filled bilingual faith community. We hope to continue to build a common culture of togetherness, honor, and distinction in our area, along with other Finnish-American operators.