Take a Look Inside Hurricane Sam


This year remarks history, as the first time ever we are able to see how it looks like inside of a hurricane, and we are able to do so safely from the comfort of our home. Sailrdone Inc. and NOAA released a video captured inside hurricane Sam.

Saildrone Inc. collaborates with NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory. Saildrone Inc. company has total of 5 drones, un-crewed surface vessels, situated at Atlantic Ocean. These drones work during the hurricane season, which lasts from June all the way to November.

Saildrone Explorer SD 1045 is one of these sail drones and the main purpose of it is to collect data of these massive storms, one of the deadliest natural storms; hurricanes. It is built for this job and it has a wing, extension to help it function. It is built to survive extreme hard conditions, rough winds, in the middle of the ocean.

This Saildrone Explorer SD 1045 was guided directly inside Sam, category 4 hurricane with 50 foot waves and winds of over 120 mph. This was end of September (and thank God Sam didn’t hit Florida) and this is how it looks inside of Sam.

Unfortunately, this drone cannot capture audio.

Thanks to the data the drone is able to collect, the scientists will have a better understanding of the development of hurricanes. The information will help predicting the rapid moves of the hurricane and help in preparations for the approaching storms. This will save lives. Information will reach people sooner and that will help in preparations for storms. This is crucial especially for those in coastal areas, said Richard Jenkins, Founder and CEO of Saildrone Inc.

Saildrone Inc. works together with NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory. They drone sends data directly to the laboratory for the scientists to review and analyze it.

A NOAA scientist, Greg Foltz said in an interview that with this information, the hurricane predictions can be improved tremendously. And especially with fast approaching storms. Hurricanes that change windspeeds extremely rapidly are also extremely dangerous, but if information of them can be collected sooner, that helps in projections and preparations for the storm.

Cannot wait for the hurricane season to end.