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Booster shot

Bundle Available: Third Pfizer Booster + Flu Shot

CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has approved the Pfizer BioNTech booster shot in battle against Covid-19 virus. The third shot of Pfizer is...
multiple images of a vaccine

Life After Vaccine

Florida has already fully vaccinated millions of Floridians and now, all adults over 18 years of age, and young adults of 16 years of...
Airplane reflection on a skyscraper

Traveling this summer – What to to expect

Florida is moving in full speed giving vaccines to Floridians and we can see a glimpse of life getting back to normal. For many...
Image of a Virus, covid-19

Covid-19 Nose Vaccine

New COVID-19 intranasal vaccine developed in Finland, has received promising results and it is finally ready to human testing. The developed vaccine is different than...
Mini airplane, with map and passport

COVID-19 Vaccine Passport (new must?)

Denmark is one of the first countries working on COVID-19 Vaccine Passport. The main goal for this project is to ease the current travel...