indeed is the paradise for an expat Finn, just like their slogan says (ulkosuomalaisen paratiisi). You can purchase fresh rye bread or Muumin mugs directly from their online store, and they will deliver all around the world and also to Florida!

The online store is managed by LaKo Trade Oy, headquartered in Kerava, Finland. They’ve been in business since 2005 and they focus on items that many Finns miss while living abroad.

When first visiting it is good to create a profile. It is free and you can easily save your address (or addresses, especially since you can order items abroad as well as to Finland) as well as preferred payment methods to speed the check-out process. After creating a profile, you can add items to your shopping cart and keep them there until you are ready to make the purchase.

My shopping cart is already filled with:

  1. Chocolate (of course!)
  2. T-Shirts (clearly something Finnish written on them)
  3. Muumin Mugs (which ones still missing from my collection)
  4. And quite obviously a Finnish thing: Mustard

The site has a lot to select from and it might be overwhelming, however, after creating the profile you can log out and come back to continue shopping the next day. The larger one-time order, the more you will save on the shipping cost compared to the weight. Pure savings (that’s what I say to my husband after my order of many kilograms of chocolate)!

Perhaps your favorite Finnish thing is dark roast coffee from Paulig, or you wish you had some Muumin coffee to take when visiting a friend’s house. No need to worry anymore, you can get both items from site.

And for many of us who do not know how to make Finnish rye bread (even after several attempts, it just doesn’t taste the same) you can order fresh rye bread directly from Finland!, fresh Bread
You can purchase Finnish Rye bread from

You can find the following brands from their site:

  • Fazer
  • Linkosuo
  • Vaasan

The site reminds you that when ordering bakery products, make sure that your order is place no later than Thursday noon, Finland time. All fresh baked goods are shipped on Mondays with Express delivery.

You can get 10% discount using the code:FLORIDAFINNS

Happy Shopping at and don’t forget to check out the Outlet link as well to find even greater savings!