My little house on the highway

Hello, I’m Elina. Welcome to follow my journey with my husband Heikki across North America. In this blog, you can get a behind-the-scenes look what life is like on the road.

Tuesday 04.06.2021 A long driving day

The morning was still dark when we woke up.  The moon sickle in the sky and the yard lights were illuminating our steps inside the gas station.  Suddenly, however, the morning turned lighter and in less than an hour it was already quite bright.  The St. Louis Arch was along our way.  An interesting name in Finnish (raskas means heavy) for the doctor and the street lights had the blue lights on their poles.


It took a while at the unloading site to think about which poles would be left in that place when the color code and the number of poles were not correct. The ends of the poles are painted in different colors and it is easy to leave the right poles out of the ride. After counting the poles of different colors and examining the code numbers of the poles we came to the right solution and the right poles were lifted off of the bed. The accessory box had the correct color. This was the first time that the color code was wrong.

After this load there was only driving.  Our next unloading locations are in Texas.  We won’t get there today.  Tomorrow, four unloading sites in the Dallas area.  Will we have time tomorrow to meet our friend from my home town in Finland? We were in junior high school at the same time and hanging out in the same places as teens.  Heikki got to know him later through his own hobbies.  The world is small!


There were enough road construction sites for this day as well.  Sometimes the right lane was closed, sometimes the left.  It’s also good to move over for cops in the adjacent lane so you don’t drive too close and get fined.  You can see all kinds of loads on the road.  This, however, was properly fastened.  The sign said there was no facility in that truck parking lot, but yes there appeared to be a bathroom. We could have popped up in Europe again.  Michigan also has a village / town called Holland.  Is there as much tulips in this Holland as in Michigan?

Arkansas and the queue toward West Memphis.  The queue shows well how many trucks are on the roads.  The queue was almost for six miles / ten km.  Luckily we were going to the other direction.

Nature became greener as we went further south.  The L’Anguille, Cache, and White rivers had flooded to a fairly large area.


As earlier mentioned, all kind od loads on the roads.


I could not find any info regarding this pipe over the river.


We were approaching Texas.  On Arkansas and Texas there is a federal building.

The midsummer bonfire, too early!
The air conditioning worked well today, at times a little too well.  Better than the other way around.  You can always put more clothes on.
Today we had to pay for the truck park when all the free spots were already full.  This can happen when you arrive later.
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