Sami ja Tarja Ettanen

We are now living at the beginning of June, but here in Florida you can’t really notice from the landscape. May was a really dry month with minimal rain. My life has reached a new phase, and the reality has set in as Pastor Mia has traveled to Finland to confront her new challenges. I am very thankful to God and Mia, that I have adapted so well and received training this past Spring under Mia’s direction.

Right now, the shepherd’s responsibilities seem quite challenging, and as everything is new, things take longer than they normally would. But I am very happy about all the support through the messages and comments that I have received from everyone. And then all of the wonderful volunteers, who have the energy to always smile and serve the congregation with a joyful demeanor. You deserve more than a big hug and thank you. And then of course, more importantly, Michael, if the stress of the shepherd is on my shoulders, than what about Michael who has the responsibility of the shepherd on his shoulders. Thank you Michael for all your help and support.

Our congregation has a great outlook and future under God’s protection, we feel the presence of Christ and work with the Holy Spirit in us. I am very grateful that I can stand in front of something new with you, and especially here in Florida under the sun. During July we will all take some vacation and will return in August to serve God and one another.

A Blessed Summer to All!

Shepherd Sami