Have you already seen the Nature Documentary of Santa’s Home?

This documentary is done by PBS and it is such a beautiful portrayal of Finland and Lapland – the home of Santa Claus. Lapland is rural; however, its nature is so beautiful even in the harshest conditions during the unsympathetic winter months. Santa Claus and all his wild animals are proud to call this place home.

Lapland is the northern part of Finland, and Santa Claus indeed lives there, at Korvatunturi (directly translated: ear mountain). Santa Claus village is located at arctic circle, Rovaniemi, and it is open all year round. Santa’s reindeers also live in Lapland, being happy eating lichen, and being taken care by the Sami people. This mystical, and magical, part of Finland is also the home to many other wild animals, like the great gray owls, wolverines, eagles, wolves, brown bears and more. And if you are lucky, you might see the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, which are said to have many superstitions, one being that they will bring wealth to all who see them.

The documentary is written and directed by Matt Hamilton and you can view it on PBS website. Santa’s Wild Home is the 6th episode of 39th season of their Nature series. Tim Coope narrates the film. The film is only 52 minutes long and suitable for the entire family, however, do not wait too long to sit down with the family to watch it, since it is available only until December 25th.

Enjoyable moments with Santa and his wild home.

Ps. Has the youngest of the family already written to Santa? If not, you still have time to send your letters to him. His official mailing address is: Joulupukki, Tähtikuja 1, 96930 Napapiiri, Finland

Nature Series, season 39, episode 6, Santa’s Wild Home: https://www.pbs.org/video/santas-wild-home-4t36do/

To learn more please visit www.pbs.org