Hello, I’m Elina. Welcome to follow my journey with my husband Heikki across North America. In this blog, you can get a behind-the-scenes look what life is like on the road.

Saturday-Sunday 5.1-2.21 Salt Lake City

Our journey to Salt Lake City did not begin until nine in the morning.  We had agreed with my friend Elina that we were at the SLC in around nine, local time, and she would pick us up for them.  Elina was so kind that she lent her car to us for two days.

On our way we drove along a winding road.  The river ran beside us again, like a train.  I took a picture of a map showing how a train track has had to be made quite tortuous to be made passable.

It was interesting to see green rock again, as well as red.


We arrived and the truck had to refuel.  The adjacent tank had a pretty off-road looking truck.  In the afternoon we toured the city and it was interesting to see how the cyclists had their own traffic signs and lanes.  Capitol Hill building was surrounded by a nice park.  We also went to see the largest church in town.  It was under renovation.


In the evening we went to Elina and Steven’s place first and then to Birgen and Anke’s place for dinner.
We were allowed to park Elina’s car at the truck stop for the night and we needed to get a permit for it first.  It was free.
Sunday 05.02.2021
Heikki watched Formula 1 race first and then we went back to Elina and Steven’s place to bake Karelian pies. Heikki got a friend!
Steven was brave enough to learn how to make them. Elina had made the rice porrige last night. It needs to be cold before putting on the dough.
Egg butter on the top is so good!
In the afternoon we went to the mountains to hike with Elina, Steven, Elliott, Anken and Birger.
A traffic light for the bikers! I have never seen before.
We went by car a little higher up to watch the snow and on the way down we stopped at the cafe to have a cup of  coffee and hot chocolate, which was not hot due to being able to use a straw ti drink it. We also had an apple cobble.
Many thanks to Elina and Steven for borrowing your car and taking good care of us.  It was also nice to meet Anke and Birger.  Until next time!


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