Finn Farms is founded by Oskari Karaste, a Finnish entrepreneur. His farm of the future is a green house pilot project located in southwest Florida. And we are not talking about a small backyard green house, we are talking about 110,000 square foot fully controlled and automated green house. Indeed, a farm of the future. Finn Farms is designed to help agriculture in areas where outdoor farming might be difficult due to weather conditions and becomes costly and resource consuming.

The green house is located at Babcock Ranch in southwest Florida and they are growing varieties of lettuce and herbs including basil, cilantro, mint, and thyme.

Finn Farms Facts:

  • Uses solar power
  • Uses only the cleanest water
  • Never uses harmful pesticides or detrimental chemicals
  • Non-GMO (genetically modified) seeds
  • All produce is vegan
  • Always fresh

Finn Farms has an initial start-up cost of over 10 million, however, Oskari Kariste who is the founder, owner and CEO says that the estimated production is over a million pouds per year. In an interview done for Babcock Ranch Telegraph, Kariste continues that based on this estimate, they will be able to produce food for over a million residents in Southwest Florida.

This highly innovative green house utilizes solar power, and the business model dictates the distribution within the region. This lessens the transportation costs as well as the carbon emissions making the company even more ecological and environmental.

Finn Farms uses 95% less water than traditional outdoor farming. Everything is grown inside, in maintained enclosures so harsh weather, like heavy rains, hurricanes, or burning sun cannot affect the harvest negatively. Kariste also explains that this way of farming, utilizes 2.5 acres of land extremely efficiently and in outdoors it could take up to 60 acers of land to produce the same amount of harves. Finn Farms does not use any harmful pesticides and there is no need for them either because all the produce is grown indoors. Finn Farms is taking farming to the next level allowing harvesting 365 days out of a year – and not being dependant on the seasons or the weather.

The company differs from normal farming in many ways, but probably the biggest differentiator is that human hands do not touch the crops grown in this facility. The farm is extremely technology focused and automated. This technology has been originally invented in Finland, where the winters are long and dark. Finn Farms es employing 10 to 15 people and is offering more technology focused jobs in the local area instead of “normal” farming jobs.

Finn Farms is located at Babcock Ranch, which is the first ever solar powered city. Both, Finn Farms and Babcock Ranch share many values including sustainability, water quality, environment, and innovation. This is the first green house in the US by Finn Farms and Babcock Ranch is happy that they chose them as the first location in the United States.

The company has big goals to grow the company and bee seen all over Florida and United States. The target markets will be areas that are tough for outdoor farming. Finn Farms also wants to see people eat better as the good feeling arises from within. Food grown without harmful pesticides is the first step to the right direction.

Finn Farms products are not available for purchase quite yet, but hopefully soon. You can follow the company’s growth for example on LinkedIn.

Good luck in growing, Finn Farms!