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Privacy Policy

Floridafinns.com customer and marketing register.

Floridafinns.com collects personal information to customer and marketing register that complies with EU GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation).

1. Register upholder

P.O.BOX 542691
Lake Worth, Florida 33454
Phone: +1-561-657-1874
E-mail: info@floridafinns.com

2. Register contact person

Satu Somero
E-mail: ssomero@floridafinns.com

3. How we use your personal information

Collected personal information is used for customer relationship, analyzing and marketing.

We may give your personal information to our partners (like PayPal) but only for reasons that support the same principals for upholding register.

We comply with EU GDPR with following means:

  • Information that we collect from person are lawful, reasonable and transparent with handling which means that you can ask to correct, remove or know what personal
    information floridafinns.com has collected from you.
  • We minimize the personal information that we collect. We only collect information that is relative to running our business and supports marketing.
  • We have 5 year limit for saving collected information and after that they are either automatically or manually removed.

4. What information do we collect

  • Contact information like possible company name, first and lastname, address, e-mail address and phone number
  • Approvance or denial for marketing floridafinns.com via e-mail
  • Information that we gather through website cookies
  • Information that we acquire from social media channels

5. Information sources

Social media: Facebook, Instagram
Customer service by phone or e-mail, contact form, comments,  and all relevant information needed to have customer relationship if customer wants to advertise at www.floridafinns.com website.

6. Giving personal information to third parties

We might give your personal information to third party only with compliance of current law to our partners.

We give limited amount of your personal information to third parties like PayPal which offers payment gateway via secure website connection. After you are redirected to PayPal website, PayPal is responsible for complying with EU GDPR.

7. Securing personal information register

Electronically handled information inside register is protected by firewall, password access and other acceptable information technology means. Manually upheld information are in a place where there is no access from unauthorized personnel.