The north side of Las Olas Blvd. Fort Lauderdale boasts four islands called the Nurmi Isles. Victor Nurmi, who came to the United states at the turn of the century, moved From Michigan to Fort Lauderdale in 1940, deciding to take advantage and develop four islands for which he had paid 250 000 dollars. Nurmi took the islands. The Isle of Venice, the Fiesta Way, the Grass Drive and Royal Palm Drive, cleared the islands and built houses in the area. His company flourished in the 1950s attracting people to a beautiful residential area surrounded by water, with electricity lines under ground, dim street lighting across the bridge and a beautiful private backyard  boat jetty. Some Fort Lauderdale residents believed that only influential families lived on the islands, those who had no knowledge of the daily problems of the rest of the city. But those who lived there told others the life of the islands was like paradise. The canals of these islands were deeper and broader than those of the southern islands, but there was one bridge between them and the sea, the Bridge of Las Olas, which opened, if necessary, every 15 minutes. Today There are fewer old houses in the area and new high quality luxory apartments have been built in place. The cost of housing in the region varies, as also the population, but the majority of adults in the Nurmi Islands are wealthy and educated people. These Islands have all the advantages, they are close to the beach, shopping, restaurants, Port Everglades and Fort Lauderdale International Airport-all within a few minutes drive.