Majority of the Finns enjoy coffee daily so coffee day for us is every day. However, Wednesday is national coffee day in the United States; such a good day to enjoy a cup of joe. International coffee day is celebrated in Finland and Europe on October 1st, which is less popular coffee day in the U.S, but hey, I’m not complaining if I get two special coffee dedicated days per year. However, if you want to get a free cup of coffee to celebrate coffee day in the US, head out on Wednesday.

Finland is known for its coffee culture and we have enjoyed this dark liquid since the 1700. Although, according to the old taxation records, only 116 households consumed coffee in mid 1700. It was a luxury product for only the noble and rich. The product was also highly taxed and its usage was restricted, but Finns loved their coffee and finally in 1802, the king Gustav IV Adolf said that we can keep on drinking it, until otherwise stated. We still have the permission and not planning on giving it up anytime soon. Finland is also the only countries in the world that has legal coffee breaks written in the collective labor agreement.

Finns indeed do like drinking coffee

  • Approximately 91% of all Finns drink coffee
  • A Finn consumes roughly 10 kilos of coffee per year
  • Over 2 million cups of coffee is consumed daily in Finland (which is quite a lot when there is only 5 million Finns in total)

Coffee has good health benefits

  • Cup of coffee gives you energy and it might enhance your athletic performance
  • Coffee fastens your metabolism, which might increase fat burning
  • Good coffee simply tastes heavenly and already that increases the mood

September 29th is the national coffee day and big chains, as well as the neighborhood coffee shops, have different coffee offers throughout the day.

Starbucks gives a free cup of coffee, if you bring your own cup. Grab your clean, empty, reusable coffee cup from home and head to Starbucks to get it filled with Pike Place Roast. Cup max size is 20 oz.

Dunkin Donuts also offers free coffee on this magnificent day; however, you have to buy something else too. Also, you must be part of their loyalty program. If you are not collecting their points yet, you can download the app and all new users get to enjoy the perk of free coffee on Wednesday.

7Eleven provides free coffee with purchase of a pastry.

Wawa just gives out free coffee, no questions asked or other purchases necessary. Wawa also gives free coffee for teachers and school administrators until Thursday.

At Panera Bread you’ll get free coffee on Wednesday if you are a parent or a caretaker.

And if, if your belly gets full of coffee after all the freebies, head over to Krispy Cream for something sweet. Everyone who shows their Covid-19 vaccination card will get a free Krispy Cream glazed doughnut. This offer is valid until the end of the year.


These are only few of the coffee perks Wednesday has to offer. Check out your local coffee shop for special offers, and perhaps you’ll try something new to commemorate Coffee Day in 2021. Perhaps pumpkin latte or switch the usual cream to oat and almond milk. You might be surprised.

Inspired to grow your own coffee plant?

Have you ever thought about growing your own coffee plant? I have, so I looked into it. The plant seems to be pretty straight forward to grown and likes to be indoors as well. According to a Seattle based coffee company Real Good Coffee Co, the coffee plant can grow pretty big and you can harvest your own coffee beans. However, if you are looking to grown your own beans to supply your daily coffee consumption, one plant won’t cut it. You’ll need over 20 coffee plants to make enough coffee to consume it daily. That calls for a greenhouse! Also, I discovered that unfortunately the plant itself does not smell like coffee as the delightful scent comes from the roasting of the beans.


Meira’s Coffee Factory in heart of Helsinki is one of the oldest and still fully functioning. Read an article published in Helsingin Sanomat to get a peek inside the factory and a glimpse of the long history of coffee making in the heart of the city. And when I used to live in Helsinki, Kallio, I loved my morning tram ride past Meira. The delightful smell of fresh coffee brings back so many good memories.

Happy National Coffee Day to all beloved fellow Coffee Drinkers. Cheers!

coffee cup and heart