My Little House on the highway


Hello, I’m Elina. Welcome to follow my journey with my husband Heikki across North America. In this blog, you can get a behind-the-scenes look what life is like on the road.

Thursday 4.14.21  Montana

We went for breakfast in Missoula, next to Heikki’s “workplace”.  The restaurant is quite shabby looking from behind, more representative looking from the front.  The food was good, i.e. a typical American breakfast, and affordable.  I tried to teach the waitress to say in German “I love you” when her family is from Germany.  She could surprise her husband by speaking German.  She could not turn her tongue to say the word “ich” properly.  She couldn’t say it without the “s” sound.  “Dich” sounded like saying “dish” in English.  I have also heard of American ”ch” recite as k-letter.  Well, pronounced as the letter k, this would become an interesting sentence!  And Bach’s name is pronounced “Bak”.

After leaving, we again examined the temperatures from the places ahead.  The intention was to drive to a locality called Broadus, but snow has been promised there tonight and tomorrow.  We decided to drive past.  However, we couldn’t drive very far when we weren’t allowed to drive in Wyoming until tomorrow.

The Clark Fork River continued its journey alongside us for a while.  After that, the Silver Bow Creek,  which I did not have time to take a picture of.  I looked at the satellite image and pretty meandering river.

When I took the picture, I didn’t pay attention to the cross next to the road.  Here, people have a habit of putting a cross with a name at the scene of an accident where a close relative has passed away.

We got up, we went down.  Sometimes on a mountain, sometimes on a plateau and the same again a few times.


The landscapes did not change much from this, mountains to plains alternately.  But it started to snow.  Not nice at all, even though we like snow.  But only in winter!
 A new river, Yellowstone, in the snow.
Gradually, the snowfall turned to rain.  Cloudy and chilly.  It was only 36F / 2C degrees.  At times, the rain turned to sleet.  Really miserable spring weather.
Indian Chief Two Moons Historical Moument in Busky. We were in Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation. 
Fortunately, there was no need to stop.  It was already over five o’clock in the evening, so the driver may have been on his/her way home.
Weather continued to be wet: snow, rain, sleet, small hail. We arrived to truck stop about an hour before sunset and the yard was very muddy. Not paved, so no interest to be outside tonight.
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