Miss Universe competition is organized in Florida May 16th. Good luck in the competition Viivi!

This year’s Miss Universe competition is the 69th and will be held at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood Florida on May 16th. The pageant contestants have already arrived at the sunny state, and preparations for the spectacle are full on.

Zozibini Tunzi won the Miss Universe pageant competition in December 2019 and she is the first black woman from South Africa to win the Miss Universe crown. Her naturally short hair made history by eschewing expectations and breaking the beauty standards in this industry. During her Miss Universe year, Tunzi has been greatly involved helping to evolve gender sstereotypes and she is passionate supporter of gender equality.

Is Viivi Altonen going to win the Miss Universe contest in 2021, represent Finland,  and continue this important work as the advocate for gender equality. We sure hope so!

Viivi Altonen, 25 years, is Miss Finland and she promises to represent Finland with the Finnish Sisu (perseverance). She is from Tampere and moved to live in Helsinki for work. She has worked hard for this opportunity. She has worked out with her personal trainer, she has met with her physiotherapist and also with her choreographer. And choreographer is needed, if you’ve seen the pictures of the dress she will be wearing.

Altonen has already arrived in Florida, however, she told in Iltalehti interview that her dress wasn’t completed until just few days before her flight to the US. The dress is expensive, costing several thousands of euros and it is full of led technology. There was a clear vision how the dress should look and work, and executing it took time (almost 8 months). Apparently, the dress was also named “Sisu”. When Altonen enters the stage, she will be wearing more traditional Finnish National costume, but then the led-light dress is revealed under it. The lights resemble the Nordic Lights, often seen in Finland. Altonen says that she had only few days to practice the whole choreography with her dress and with all the programming in it, it does require some practice.

The owner of FloridaFinns, Satu Somero, happened to be at Hard Rock Hotel when the Nordic pageant queens arrived. Unfortunately, Viivi didn’t have time for an interview with Satu due to her tight Miss Universe schedule. Thank you Viivi, for finding the time to chat with Satu for a little bit.

Viivi Altonen
Miss Finland Viivi Altonen Kuva: Satu Somero

You can vote for Viivi on the official Miss Universe site: link here.

Unfortunately, the actual show is already sold out, but you can wathc the whole competition live on TV on Sunday may 16th, at 8:00 pm. Let’s cheer for Viivi and hopefully she will win! Good Luck!