South Beach Art Deco District, Miami Beach

Miami and South Beach is of course every dream when you come to Florida for the first time. Miami’s South beach which is famous for its films such as Scarface, Ocean Drive and South Beach. In the Art Deco district of South Beach, hotels are renowned for their pastel colours and Neon lighting. On Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue, there is plenty of interesting views for a friend of architecture. This region is the center of Miami’s own Art deco direction, where coral colours and marine motifs are combined with the Art Deco style that has beheaded Europe in the early 1900 to 1970 ‘s. You can also visit the Art Deco Museum! Art Deco Hotels The tallest is the Tides Hotel on Ocean Drive which is 49 m high and built in 1936. The building was renovated in 1997. More information about the hotel from here every year in January here is the Art Deco festival where you can find more information here