Managing Inheritance Issues, Finlandia Foundation Webinar


Finlandia Foundation National and Suomi-Seura Ry organized an open, hour-long zoom call, where the topic was inheritance issues and taxation cross Atlantic, and of course specifically between Finland and USA. The call took place on October 19th, 2021.

The call was extremely informative and the Q&A at the end certainly answered many questions regarding policies between our two countries. However, the time allocated for the participant comments was not nearly long enough to answer the flood of questions. Many questions didn’t get answered, but luckily Finlandia Foundation shared the contact information of the presenters so people can reach out to with their specific situation.

The presenters:

Anne Nikula
CEO and Founder
Nikula Legal Law Office


Ann-Christine Westerlund
Westmusa, inc., Tax ja accounting
CEO and Founder

Maria Voltaine from Finlandia Foundation was the moderator.

Anne Nikula explained in great detail how inheritance law functions in Finland and how there are major differences between Finland and United States, especially regarding inheritance. Anne’s company is in Helsinki, and she is well versed in the relations between Finland and the United States.

Ann-Christine Westerlund has vast knowledge regarding international taxation, and during the call she focused how the United States taxation works and how it differs from Finland. For example, she pointed out that there is a difference if you get an inheritance from Finland to USA, compared if you receive inheritance from USA to Finland.

The call participants had several questions regarding differences between the countries and if families live in Finland as well as in the United States. Both, Anne and Ann-Christine recommended to reach out to local tax professional or legal help in specific situations.

You can also listen to the call recording below as Finlandia Foundation was kind to share it with us all.

If you want to learn more about Finlandia Foundation, please visit their website or email Maria And don’t forget to renew your membership while you are at it.

Thank you, Finlandia Foundation, and Suomi-Seura Ry for organizing this call. And good luck to you all with your inheritance and taxation situations.