Covid vaccines are distributed around the world and as the number of people vaccinated keeps on increasing, so does the discussion regarding traveling. When will the world borders open up and when can we travel normally again?

The common rule has been to avoid all travel, and only essential travel has been allowed. Each country and airport have their own COVID related rules and both, Finland as well as the United States have kept their borders closed. No tourists allowed! Domestic travel increased during pandemic, but I’m sure many of us are ready to resume in international travel.

The world’s borders are expected to fully open in October 2021! (Octoberfest here we come!)

Year 2020 was brutal to many companies and aviation industry was hit really hard when travel came into a full stop. Many airlines have already said that they need a good summer season in 2021 in order to survive. IATA, The International Air Transport Association, Director General Alexandre de Juniac mentioned that the governments have already provided $225 billion to help the industry, but more is needed especially if the world borders do not fully open until October 2021.

Europe is developing Green Digital Certificate, Covid-19 passport, to resume travel. Finland is taking part in the work as well and developing a system to work with the OmaKanta service that hosts Finns’ health information.

CDC guidelines high risk countries Covid-19
Image source: CDC, Covid-19 high risk countries
CDC high risk countries, covid-19
Image source: CDC, COVID-19 high risk countries

Even though good work is being done, Finland is still on CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) red list as a country that travelers should avoid traveling to, even if fully vaccinated. Each and every country is doing what they can to help limiting the spread of the virus and Finland is doing its best distributing vaccines and making Finland a safe place to visit again.

Iceland was the first European country to open its borders to all fully vaccinated American tourists (and other tourists as well). If you can’t visit Finland this summer, you can experience the Midnight Sun in Iceland as well.

Delta Airlines already reacted to this positive news by adding more direct flights from the US to Reykjavik.