The City of Lake Worth Beach is pleased to announce that the 2022 Lake Worth Beach Street Painting Festival will be held in Downtown Lake Worth Beach on February 26 & 27, 2022.

We are happy and excited to see the return of world class artists to the City’s streets transforming them into a colorful tapestry for residents and visitors to enjoy. After the 2021 event was canceled due to COVID-19, the Street Painting Festival Inc organizing team took the time to restructure the event for the future.

Over 600 artists use the pavement as canvas to transform downtown Lake Worth into a temporary outdoor museum of original art and masterpiece reproductions. The tradition of street painting traced back to 16th century italy when itinerant artists would use their chalks to transform pavement into a makeshift canvas, street painting has retained its appeal through the centuries. As in ages past, crowds gather to watch as fine works of art emerge. The “paintings” last only until the next rain, but the lively spirit and accessibility of the exhibition captivates audiences and inspires lasting memories.

More information on this year’s festival please visit: