Deep Sensing Algorithms (DSA) is a Finnish company based in Tampere. They have developed a breath analyzer to detect if a person is infected with COVID-19 virus. The result is given in minutes and Finland is starting to manufacture these hopefully soon.

This handheld device is designed to sense and analyze a person’s out-breath when they are exhaling into the device. The device is connected to a smartphone mobile app which sends the results to a cloud-based service. The results are compared to data collected from COVID-19 patients and the results is given in seconds.

”The results are based on the biomarkers that indicate changes in the body when people are infected with Covid. When people breath out, they leave the lungs and the body, allowing breathalyzers to identify Covid cases” writes news channel Yle in their article.

This testing method is fast in testing as well as it is in giving the test results. The startup company says that the actual sample collecting time, which is the breathing part, only takes 15 seconds. Then comparing the test results to the existing data and giving the results only takes seconds. The CEO of DSA, Pekka Rissanen says that this means that a new person can be tested in every two minutes. This definitely is real-time testing, analyzing and diagnosing.

The start-up company was launched last year, and they have been testing vigorously. Field testing has been performed in Holland and once the device meets the accuracy requirements, it will receive the medical certificates and the commercial rollout can begin. The goal is to get all this done in February.

It seems simple to just breath to give a test sample, and most likely testing this way will be more pleasant than the nose swapping. Most likely this device will be seen at the airports and in border control, especially when we start talking more about vacation traveling, and getting back to seeing our families. Makes me wonder which one is faster, the breath analyzer testing method, or our Helsinki Airport Covid sniffers. Hope there will be no arguing over the territory.