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What is Oranki Art? Oranki  Art is an environmental art event in Lapland, Finland.

Oranki art event consists of Oranki Art’s environmental art exhibition and workshop, and the artists perform their artwork for the exhibition. Oranki Art environmental art exhibition is named after the exhibition place. The art exhibition is organized by the municipality of Pello in the village of Oranki.

Marko Huovinen, Lapinlahti: Luova puu

Oranki Art environmental art exhibition

The first Oranki Art environmental art exhibition was held in Oranki in 2001.
The works of art in the exhibition area have formed a large sculpture park with about 80 works of art. Organizing the Oranki Art environmental art exhibitions in the municipality of Oranki, Pello, was started by Pekka Syväniemi, Jari Kylli, Sauli Miettunen and Tuomas Korkalo in 2001. The exhibition area is in the pine forest own by one of the artist, Pekka Syväniemi.
The original idea was to make a really good exhibition in the forest and not to tell anyone. That was Sauli Miettunen’s first idea.

Oranki Art Association was founded

This rebellious insight into the mainstream art of art has since subsided, and for the second year artists sent out press releases. After an exhibition organized by the third working group, they decided to set up an association to facilitate and clarify the activities.
Oranki Art Association is a visual arts association founded on the 17th of August 2003 by Oranki Art. It is an organization of environmental art exhibitions by artists such as Pekka Syväniemi, Jari Kylli and Lasse Lassheikki.

The purpose of Oranki Art is to make contemporary art known and to promote contemporary art, to promote interaction between artists and the public, and to enhance interaction between visual artists.

Susanne Stiegeler, Germany: Väärä laskeutumispaikka/Wrong landingplace 2014

The main goals of Oranki Art activities are to increase the visual arts offered in Lapland. An essential part of Oranki Art’s environmental art exhibition is a workshop before the exhibition, where artists prepare their artwork. The artistic interaction between artists and many discussions are important in the artist’s profession.
Domestic and foreign artists have been invited to exhibitions to make Environmental Art. The aim is also to increase interaction between artists from the north.

Oranki Art exhibition today

The 80 works of art in the exhibition area now form a unique sculpture park. It expands every year with works of art made there. Much of the sculptures are made of natural materials and are therefore temporary. Some of the works are on display for a few years, some for a long time.

Essi Korva: Loputon putous /Endless drop Oranki Art 2015

With purposeful work, the exhibition area is built by a remarkable and rare sculpture park, which combines Finnish pine forest and the high quality art.

Essi Korva: Valkoinen peura/White deer, Oranki Art 2010


Oranki Art Exhibition is free and opened from June 23. 2019 – September 30. 2019 and it is open the whole day. The exhibition area is around a half mile and you need to have good shoes to walk in the forest.

Oranki Art Exhibition, Pello, Finland.