My Little House on the highway


Hello, I’m Elina. Welcome to follow my journey with my husband Heikki across North America. In this blog, you can get a behind-the-scenes look what life is like on the road

Tuesday 4.20.21 Home bound

Cool morning, and no sign of the sun.  Temperature was barely above freezing. We drove through Van Wert and there were typical houses along the streets.  When I took the pictures, I noticed that wherever we were, there was always a truck in sight.  After all, there are a few million of these trucks in this country.

There was countryside when we arrived in Indiana.  The sky in front of us, facing Michigan, looked somewhat gloomy.  I study the weather map and it snows there.  No wonder it’s a cool day.  I hope it doesn’t snow anymore when we get there.

Welcome to Michigan-signs on the ground and on the bridge.  There was no more snow than a few flakes  Nature is still quite pale at these latitudes.




We arrived and asked the fork lift driver where to park. He said our place was just fine and we took the straps off.  Soon he came back saying that this was not the right unloading site, but Traverse City.  We were in Grand Rapids. Only 12 miles/19 km from home! It is almost a-three-hour drive to Traverse City.  145 miles / 235 km.  Not good.  We waited for awhile and at the same time I followed the work of the fork lift drivers.  They both drove here and there at a pretty fast pace.
After over an hour of waiting, we began our journey towards Traverse City.  I guess this would have been too good if we had gotten home early today.  The consolation is that we will be compensated for this.  They said they will be there until five, but were not sure if they could unload today. If not today, then tomorrow morning after nine.
We arrived at the unloading site at eight to five.  The fork lift driver said ”You made it!” He advised where to park.  The job was done in 15 minutes.  We drove the truck out of the gate and there was already a man at the gate waiting to close it.  We parked along the street in front and there we pulled apart the load level and put also all the other items in their places.
We decided to drive home tonight. Tomorrow Heikki will take the truck and trailer for maintenance.  Then we will start our days off and return to work next week.  We already have a load reserved.  Until then, enjoy.
Truck getting ready for the next journey…..
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