International Mother Earth Day is an annual and national day recognized on April 22nd. The day has been celebrated for 51 years, since 1970 and it is a good reminder for all of us to reconnect with Earth and find harmony with nature. Different evets are organized globally raising awareness on climate crises, clean water, and greenhouse gas emissions to name a few.

Have you ever thought what you could do for your own environment on an important day like this? Or how to show your kids or grandkids what Earth Day is all about?

During Earth Day, like any other regular day, it is good to stop and think for example how recycling would have a positive impact on reducing waste sent to landfills. Or how some items could find a new life if bought used, donated after no longer needed, or repurposed, instead of just throwing them to thrash.

And speaking of repurposing:

Do you have a cupboard full of old mix match cups and you just haven’t had the time to take them the Salvation Army? Have a bit of dirt in the shed (or Home Depot nearby) and who doesn’t have cherry tomatoes in their fridge? If you said yes, this is a perfect way to recycle those old cups and share some joy in your neighborhood.

  1. Select the cups suited for donation and put some dirt on each.
  2. Cut a cherry tomato into thin slices and place one slice into each cup. Cover lightly with dirt, water thoroughly, and drain.
  3. Place into a sunny place, like a windowsill, and water every day. In couple of short days, the tomatoes start sprouting and are ready to be shared.
  4. Pack them into a cardboard box and take them outside to a visible spot with a sign so people will notice them. The sign can say for example: “Earth Day Should be Every Day. Please take one Cherry Tomato and take it to its new home.
Tomatoes in yogurt containers
Cherry tomatoes in yogurt cups (I was not ready to depart with my Moomin mugs 😉 )

It’ll be fun to watch people passing by your tomato box, stopping and picking their favorite mug and taking the plants to their new home. This is a great way for you to recycle all those old cups and mugs, and perhaps some of the people will stop to think the deeper meaning of Earth Day too.

Volunteering is also a great way to support Earth Day.

  • On the official website you can see all events happening virtually and in person in your area.
  • Here is one that you can volunteer at near Lantana on April 22nd 2021 from 5pm until 7pm: Earth Day Park Cleanup, 6000 Northtree Blvd, Lake Worth, FL
  • Registration to the event is through Facebook:

Happy International Mother Earth Day everyone!