Floridafinns visited the Drive Shack Entertainment Center in West Palm Beach.

Drive Shack recently opened in late June and is slowly starting to attract more curious customers.

Golf is very popular with Finns in Florida and I was happy to bring one of them to the entertainment center.

I went to see the newly opened center with my friend Simo Nevasalo, who has been playing golf since 1986. Simo, a senior golfer, spends winters in Florida with his wife, Leena, and says he plays golf in Finland once a week in summer and about three times a week in winter. He plays golf in Florida with other Finnish “snowbirds”. Simo had heard from his friends about the new Drive Shack, but had never been to the place before.

We were both very excited to test how our golf swing, but we reserved the booth only for the first half hour. The Drive Shack has the ability to practice golf on three different floors.

Maximum occupancy in the booth is 6 people. Simo was prepared to bring his own clubs to the center, but each booth had its own clubs, which were included in the fee. There were also unlimited balls for training.

After a few practice sessions, we both felt like the driving range training center with the latest golf and gaming technology was a great experience and we increased our game time to an hour. There were different levels of virtual golf courses to choose from. From the TV monitor we were able to track the stroke length so that we had the opportunity to choose the right club for the stroke.

The monitor also displayed the club’s swing speed, ball speed, ball height, and distance using TrackMan Range (TM Range) technology. However, as an experienced golfer, Simo stated that the length of the short distance range was not correct, maybe it was because we hit balls from the third floor. We also missed putting, because if you used a driver’s club to hit the green close to the hole, the automatic putting completed your beats and scored.

If you have never played golf and would like to try it out, the Drive Shack Entertainment Center also has a golf instructor who can advise you on club handling and swinging (for a fee).

The entertainment center also has a restaurant and bar and a classic arcade games center.

Prices in the center vary from $ 25 to $ 45 / hour depending on the time. No appointment is required for the entertainment center, but larger groups should be booked in advance. The Drive Shack Entertainment Center is open daily from 9am to 12am and is located at 1710 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach, near the airport.

We left the center with a richer experience and thought that it would be nice to come back to the entertainment center, for example, to spend the evening with a group.