Smallest Post Office in the United States. Ochopee.Florida

With the sunny sandy beaches of the Finnish region of Florida, Lake Worth and lantana starting to be boring, you can take a little time to see the other side of Florida, the beaches of Gulf of Mexico and visit the historical sites and Nature Parks.

I made a two-day little holiday from Lake worth to the western coast of the Sanibel Archipelago. One overnight stay at the hotel in Bonita Springs and two days of great experience in nature, animals and history seemed to have lasted for a week. While driving from West Palm Beach, the road to the 98 Belle Glade City opens up America's largest cane plantations on both sides of the road. Sugar is exported all over the world. In the 50 century, the family fanjuls started to grow a large-scale sokeriruokon cultivation here and built housing areas for the workers in schools and hospitals.

Following the expanse, the next small city of LaBelle is surrounded by the plantations of oranges and other citrus fruits. The city is known for its tasty meckkin fruit pies and there is also a mecca of settlements in the region.

In the large town of Fort Myers, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, is the winter spot of the famous Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric lamp. The museum is located here: Winter accommodation, the laboratory and the house surrounding the huge Bottane garden are worth seeing.

The highlight of the trip we had planned is the Sanibel & Niva Islands, two narrow long islands in the Mexican bay. The bridges leading to the islands have opened breathtaking views of the sea and the lush islands with its natural parks. White mussels, covered beaches were shining from afar and it was hard not to stop at the first convenient place to eat and photograph. From one island to the next, a short drive and beaches are clearly marked, so you can stop on the beaches to swim, or even collect clams, watch fishermen and the game of fish in the fishing season. We could see a dolphin from the Sanibel City Pier Pier.

A half hour's journey to our hotel to Bonita Springs went quickly so we just got to see the sunset on the popular channel, the Seafood restaurant paradise, where we ate a tasty dinner.

The highlight of the day, Marco Island, was just a stone's throw away. The only public beach area on the island was the Tigertail Beach which was a well-organized nature reserve and from here you got to the Gulf of Mexico Shellfish Beach just a short walk away.
Marco Island and Naples were badly hit by the enormous power of Hurricane Irman, whose eye struck directly there in the fall of the year. We marveled at the large amounts of the roofs and the fallen palms, which were still unrepaired.

On arrival we drove through the natural park of Everglades, Alligator, to pass along. This passage from Florida is worthy of its name. There was no need to search for alligators, turtles, snakes and birds. There were several staging points which had information on hiking trails, birds and animals. There were no pantteras, even though the road signs warned them. Mangrove forest in the mile after mile. Suddenly appeared on the road next to the world's smallest ochopee post office. The postcards could not be purchased and sent. In Miccsukeen Indian villages we do not had time to visit so they get to stay for the next trip.

Photos and videos of Florida West Coast here

Kumar S 03.21.2018