Making a Career Move and Living the American Dream of a Young Graphic Designer

Helmi Kemppainen, originally from Finland, has travelled all around the world, in search of her passion of traveling, education and getting her dream job. Having started her career as a Digital Marketer, Helmi moved towards Graphic Design in 2018. Helmi Kemppainen is now living the American Dream in the sunshine state of Florida. With a vast cultural experience and diverse academic background, Helmi is working at an advertising agency feeding her creative desires.

Miami Beach, Florida, USA – Making a shift in career requires a lot of confidence, dedication and passion towards one’s goals. Helmi started her career in the field of Digital Marketing and has now made a career move towards a more creative and artistic role of a Graphic Designer at a French-owned Advertising Agency Xposure Advertising. She got into Graphic Design being inspired by her childhood passion for art. What kept her going was receiving positive feedback from her instructors and peers at FIDI in Florence, Italy – boosting her creative confidence

To encourage other young people and designers starting out, Helmi says “What has also helped is being okay with the fact that I don’t have to be perfect. What I can do is genuinely care about the clients’ projects, ask questions, get to know them and their brand, and then deliver to my best ability.”  Since Helmi is a creative person, she enjoys the projects that allow creative freedom, and once a project gets approved, the feeling is very rewarding. “It’s so much more rewarding to get good feedback on something you’ve done with your own hands or using your imagination and creativity”, she elaborates.

On advising others who contemplate on a career change, Helmi’s advice is to take the risk and go for it. If it’s something that you catch yourself often thinking, it’s probably worth the shot. Everyone should explore their fullest potential and find out what life has in store for them.

At Xposure Advertising, a French-owned advertising agency based in Miami, Florida, Helmi gets to work with prestigious brands as clients like Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, L’Oreal, YSL just to name a few. Working at the agency allows Helmi to feed her creative side and live her passion for design. Following her dreams has definitely paid off and landed her the dream job that she wanted.

Recalling her first Art Gallery at 9 years old, Helmi now has big plans for the future. She wants to broaden her skillset to a point where she will be able to create her own brand and products. Currently working on a small-scale, she will eventually expand her art print business in the future. She continues working as a valuable member of the Xposure team, which you can contact regarding any graphic design and advertising needs!

Helmi Kemppainen
Xposure Advertising
Email: [email protected]


Text and picture provided by Helmi Kemppainen