Finnish Expatriate Parliament Session, June 11-12 in Finland Village

The Finnish Expatriate Parliament was established in year 1997 by Finland Society together with Finnish organisations abroad, as a joint forum of societies. Consulting Finns abroad is possible through the Finnish Expatriate Parliament.

The Finnish Expatriate Parliament is a (1) cooperative forum of expatriate and other Finnish organisations abroad, to decide jointly about matters important to them. Activities are primarily focused on decision-makers in Finland, whom the parliament informs about conditions and views of Finns abroad. The FEP offers to Finnish organisations abroad a (2) discussion and information channel, both towards Finns abroad as well as towards Finland. The FEP is an (3) opinion maker whose adopted resolutions are passed on to Finnish officials, legislators and other societal parties, allowing to better observe improvements proposed by Finns abroad.

Finnish Expatriate Parliament 10th Session convenes online on June 11 – 12.2021. The FEP 10th Session convenes long-distance and brings together 153 Finnish societies from 23 countries. Of the 256 participants 171 are their representatives with voting rights and 94 observers. The global record Session received 90 initiatives.

We are about to create something unique in the Finnish Expatriate Parliament history! What a good moment for new organisations abroad to join the FEP! The Session is participated by Finnish organisations abroad which have ratified FEP by-laws – does one exist in your area? Finland Society will help you. Nationality and language skills are not required but instead, membership in a Finnish society abroad. The Session offers a channel of many voices and societal participation. Registration help and more information: parliament secretary, Finland Society, [email protected], +358 (0)44 7109387.