Finnish documentary film Helene


Take your time to watch this Finnish documentary film Helene when baking pulla or making casseroles for Christmas.


HELENE (2020) movie

Year 1915. Helene Schjerfbeck is a forgotten artist living in the countryside with her elderly mother. Years have passed since her last exhibition, and Helene has continued to paint only for her own passion. Everything changes when an art dealer discovers Helene and her 159 amazing paintings and wants to organize a large solo exhibition.

However, the most important moment in Helene’s life is brought on by her encounter with Einar Reuters. Einar is a forester and a passionate admirer of Helene and her art. He becomes Helene’s confidant and the tragic love of her life.

Inspired by true events, Helene describes the life of Finlands’ most acclaimed painter Helene Schjerfbeck between 1915-1923.The movie is based on Rakel Liehu’s 2003 novel Helene.

Movie is in Finnish with English subtitles.

Helene movie is part of AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center‘s European Union Film Showcase, and is available for viewing online until December 20 in all locations based in the US and in the US Territories.

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When you go to the AFI website click select the showing, and then Watch now in our online Virtual Festival. Tickets are $13.