Finnair announced the launch of direct flights from Stockholm (Arlanda) to Miami on 10.23.2021. Flights will initially be flown twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The number of weekly shifts will increase to four starting November 29. Finnair will also fly to Miami on Mondays and Fridays until April 22, 2022.

Finnair’s pilots fly from Stockholm, and the cabin service is provided by Finnair’s partner Airpro in Finland. Airpro has experience in providing cabin service to other airlines, and a collective agreement with the Trade Union Pro that supports the operating model. Airpro is already Finnair’s groundhandling service provider in Finland.

Finnair’s original goal was to fly flights with its own cabin service personnel. However, the collective agreement of Finnair’s cabin crew does not as such support the operation of flights from outside Helsinki, so Finnair proposed a model for the operation of flights that would have required temporary flexibility in the collective agreement’s rest periods and transfer flights. Similar flexibilities were agreed with pilots in June, but the ACP rejected a proposal for cabin crew to agree on temporary flexibilities locally, although the proposal for flexibility was supported by both the Trade Commission and the ACP Cabin Crew Section.

“These flights create a total of about 270 Finnish jobs, of which 100 are in Finnair. “We also support it if the cabin service personnel who have been laid off from us want to apply to Airpro for these flights for a limited period of time, and then return to their existing employment with Finnair, ”says Jaakko Schildt, Finnair’s Chief Operating Officer.

“For years, Airpro has been employing Finnish cabin crew for flights operated from Finland and abroad for the needs of international airlines. We are happy to be able to participate in supporting Finnair now when it is looking for more business in the challenging situation of air traffic, and at the same time we are working together for Finns, ”says Mikko Turpeinen, Commercial Director of Airpro.

You can book Finnair direct flights here.