Good news coming for those looking for a cheap and fast coronavirus rapid test in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Finnair announces on its website that it will start rapid antigen testing costing EUR 65 in the vicinity of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in Finland. The testing is performed by Finnair Health Services and is available on August 4th starting at Finnair’s head office near the airport in Vantaa at Tietotie 9.

The test can be booked online at The booking can be made with a Finnish personal identity code, or your date of birth. The test result and certificate in English are delivered electronically within two hours. The results are also available in My Kanta in Finland.

“Pre-testing is a prerequisite for safe travel in many countries. Therefore it must be affordable and reasonably priced for anyone who wants to travel. Finnair’s new rapid antigen testing service smoothens the journey. The rapid antigen test is a good option for tourists arriving in Finland who need a negative corona test certificate for their return journey. A growing number of countries are accepting rapid antigen testing as a travel document. Our aim is to make this available also in other locations in Finland”, says Kaarlo Karvonen, Finnair’s Head of Security.

The rapid antigen test is valid in most EU and Schengen countries and you get the result quickly, making it easier to plan travel. The entry requirements of different countries can be checked on the travel restrictions map on Finnair’s website or the websites of the authorities of the countries. Some countries only accept PCR testing for pre-testing, which Finnair does not yet offer. The PCR test result can be obtained, for example, from Finnair’s partner Terveystalo or another health care provider.

More information about the service will be available on