You can make your own long drink mix and here is the recipe… Just kidding, no need to share a recipe, because you can finally purchase Long Drink (Lonkero) at Florida!


The Finnish Long Drink company landed in New York back in 2018 and they have grown their business ever since. They have finally expanded to Florida and you can purchase their products directly from their website or from the local liquor store. On their site you can easily enter your zip code and they’ll list all the nearby vendors for you – Easy as that.

The history of Long Drink is amazing. It was originally invented for the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. It was to be only sold during the Olympics to the tourists as a cold refreshing easy to drink alcoholic beverage. However, it got so popular among the “common folk” that it has been sold ever since. Long Drink is still the top seller in Finland and over the years it has become our National Drink.

For many years Long Drink has been kind of the hidden gem of the Finns, and since it hasn’t been available to purchase in the US, many have created their own recipes of the drink. My recipe is nowhere close to tasting like the original and now I don’t even have to use my drink mix anymore.

Finnish Long Drink recipe was developed in Finland, even though the product itself is done in the US. Foodwest and The Finnish Long Drink Company got introduced to each other when the startup was looking for someone to develop the best drink mix recipe for them. Foodwest came highly recommended and so the development of the Finnish Long Drink recipe began. The Product Development Manager Virve Anttila says that this is the first recipe they have ever developed that is manufactured outside of Europe. To find the right taste, they had to taste many different gins, find a balance with the sweetness and they also had to take the varieties of water quality in the US and in Finland under consideration.

So happy that these two entities spent all this time to find the right taste for the drink and really honor the roots and heritage of this Finnish drink. It has not come unnoticed, since it made one of USA Today TOP 10 lists. Readers can vote their favorites among several contestants and Long Drink scored 6th on the top 10 best canned cocktail drink. Way to go!

On the company’s website you can read more stories about the drink and the founders: Sakari, Ere, Evan, and Mikael and how their paths crossed, and the company grew with Miles Teller, DJ Kygo as well as with Rickie Fowler. Apparently, it was love at first sip for all of them.

You must be 21 years old to purchase their products and remember to drink responsibly. The Finnish Long Drink is normally an about 5.5% alcoholic beverage generally composed as a combination of gin and grapefruit. Oh, and next time you are thinking of taking a bottle of wine when visiting friends, think again and bring some Long Drink. The Finnish Long Drink is available at Suomi Talo (Finnish House) in Lantana, and you can also find it in Palm Beach County’s Total Wine and ABC stores. And if you are shopping at their actual website, notice all the extra merchandise and add couple of koozies to your cart as well to keep your lonkero nice and cool in the Florida heat.

Enjoyable moments with Finland’s National Olympic Drink. Cheers – or should we say Kippis!