Finland’s Eurovision 2021 Representative: Blind Channel – Dark Side


Finland has selected the song to represent our country in the Eurovision song contest in 2021!

The Eurovision song contest in 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus but luckily the competition is moving full steam ahead this year. The contest will be seen in Netherlands, in Rotterdam Ahoy Arena. The theme Open Up carried over from last year, and let’s indeed hope that the world starts to open up after this long pandemic.

Finland has voted on the song contest called Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK, New Music Contest) and band Blind Channel is the winner with their song Dark Side.

All together, there were seven artists competing to get to represent Finland in the 2021 competition. Danny partook for the eight time in his lifetime and unfortunately, his song didn’t make the cut. We will have to wait and see if we will see Danny try again in the future, after all, he has the longest Eurovision career in Finland, even though he has never made it to the actual competition.

Aksel Kankaanranta, 2020 Eurovision Representative for Finland
Aksel Kankaanranta, Finland’s Eurovision representative for 2020

Aksel Kankaanranta won the UMK song contest in Finland in 2020 and was supposed to perform his song Looking Back. Since the competition got cancelled, he never made it to Rotterdam. He partook again this year with a new song called Hurt, but he didn’t get selected twice. His new song hold a lot of meaning though and is definitely worth listening to. He has mentioned in his previous interviews that he hopes the song to help people suffering from mental health issues.

The New Song Contest has bee organized in Finland for many years now. Finns have the right to vote for their favorite and the UMK board also casts their votes. These votes are summed up and the winner is selected among all the contestants.

UMK Scores for Finland
The UMK Contest Results

Blind Channel definitely had good competitors and even though I Love You song from Pandora and Teflon Brothers is an ear worm for sure, Blind Channel captured total of 45% of all votes. Landslide for sure. I Love You song came second, Ilta was thirds, Oskr made it to the fourth place, Aksel the fifth, Danny the sixth and Laura’s Play was the last.

Blind Channel is a six person band from Oulu, Finland. The band members are Joel Hokka, Niko Vilhelm, Joonas Porko, Olli Matela, Tommi Lalli and Aleksi Kaunisvesi. The band was fromed in 2013 and they identify their genre as violent pop. This is a form of heavy metal with influences from pop music and “lighter” songs. They have recorder total of three studio albums, and this was their first time competing to get to the Eurovision song contest.

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Let’s wish them good luck and hopefully they’ll bring home trophy. It has been way too many years since Lordi and Hard Rock Hallelujah won and Finland needs another win for sure.

Mark your calendars for May 18, 20, and 22nd. These are the dates for the semifinals and the grand finale. You can watch the Finnish livestream of the Eurovision broadcast by getting the VPN settings on your TV. Read the instructions how to do so in this previously published article.

Good luck Finland – we will be cheering for you!

Ps. Have you already listened to all of the Eurovision competitors? There will be 41 countries participating this year and you can listen to all of the songs on the official Eurovision website.