Finland has a rather low COVID-19 Infection rate, and it has attracted many foreign film production companies to shoot their movies there. Finland seems to be safe and lucrative, and simply an option, since many studios across the world have been forced to close their doors due to the pandemic. But how, did they find their way to Finland?

Business Finland promotes different kinds of businesses to simply do business in Finland. They started a campaign last year, to support film makers with an incentive. So far this has been a success. The main goal was to spark an interest towards Finland as a production location and support development, growth, and internationalization of Finnish companies. And Finland has been found and why not, we have lots of beautiful land and magnificent four seasons to offer.

Euractiv news site reported that two American and one British production companies have started filming in Finland this year. These are not 50 million budget movies, but smaller budget films, which is actually better for Finland. Smaller budgets mean that the production takes longer, and they are more likely to use local workforce and support the local film industry.

The production incentive is 25% cash rebate intended for the production cost occurring in Finland. These costs can be for example filming location rent, or production related purchases made in Finland. The incentive is for long films and documentaries and both, Finnish and foreign production companies can apply. It is not for commercials nor for promotional products.

I would say that 25% cash rebate makes a difference on any budget and hopefully we can watch many movies next year which have been filmed in Finland.