Suomi Talon puheenjohtaja Marko Aho vaimonsa Päivin kanssa vastaanottivat kukat kiitokseksi kuluneesta vuodesta.

Finland House (Suomi Talo) ended the season with the last monthly meeting of the season, by thanking the volunteers with pizza, cake and coffee.

At the meeting, Anneli Ganger was elected as the new Honorary Member and Sirpa Aho, who has been the Chairman for 6 years, was appointed Honorary Chairman. The current Chairman of the house, Marko Aho, and his wife, Päivi, received a huge bunch of flowers to thank them for the winter season. The winter season was challenging due to the prevailing coronavirus pandemic but was honorably concluded. At the request of the audience a Karaoke event will be held at Suomi House on Saturday April 17th at 7 pm. If you are here in Florida you are welcome to join.

Suomi Talo welcomes all former and new members and friends to events and activities in the autumn.

Sirpa Aho valittiin Suomi Talon Kunniapuheenjohtajaksi.
Anneli Ganger valittiin Suomi Talon Kunniajäseneksi.