Hello, I’m Elina. Welcome to follow my journey with my husband Heikki across North America. In this blog, you can get a behind-the-scenes look what life is like on the road

Wednesday 5.19.21 Escaping the Snow

Last night, Heikki drove some distance forward while I slept.  He was not sleepy as he was getting to rest properly on our days off.  After all, Heikki needs less sleep than I do.  When we woke up this morning we looked at the weather map and only 6C / 43F and snowfall was in forecast.  We did our walk in the morning and dressed up properly when there was a good wind, too. Tonight we won’t have the opportunity for an evening walk when we will arrive late and we will be most likely sleepy.  After all, we have the principle that we walk at least 30 minutes every day.

I bought us salad if / when we can buy lunch/dinner from truck stop. It is never certain what food you will get from any truck stop.  And salad is not always available.  If we don’t get lunch/dinner, then there’s protein in this salad as well.  And we have canned goods with us for those days when there is no place to eat. And of course rye bread with different toppi gs as well as fruits / vegetables.

The truck stop’s maintenance man told Heikki that snow was coming.  Re-examine the weather map and find out where the snowfall was heading.  Also if there would be any snow in front of us.  After all, we were in the mountains of Montana.  It was good that Heikki drove further last night, when otherwise we would have been in the snow right from the morning.

We got to leave at 12:45 our time, that is, late.  The late load yesterday caused us late driving days this week.  There were dark clouds and some rain along the beginning of our trip.  For the most part, however, partly cloudy. Along the way, we were warned of winter weather from this afternoon to Friday morning.

Heikki talked to the load brokers if he would have a short load for next week.  One already called.  We will not know about that until tomorrow.  In order for Heikki to be able to drive next week, we had to make new calculations which route we needed to take to our destination.  Our planned route through the north or in the middle.  Now it looks like we’re driving the middle route.  That’s a little shorter and it helps.  Last night’s drive also helped quite a lot, as now a place to sleep was found along the middle route.
 We calculated that we would be at the unloading site right on Friday morning and a new load near it if we get it, we will know tomorrow.  We would drive home and Heikki would be home until Sunday and then go on the road again.  I’m staying home.  I have all sort of things planned for next week, I can’t go with him.
We went to eat Chinese food and the air had warmed to above 20C / 68F.  The walk felt good when there were still many hours to go.
Our journey continued in varied landscapes.  When we arrived closer to Wyoming, there was decent forest and uneven terrain on either side of the steppes.  In Wyoming, we were just in for a moment when South Dakota came up.
The evening darkened again, but our journey just continued.  There will be about 650 miles / 1000 km left for tomorrow after we arrive to our destination later tonight. Then we can unload right away on Friday morning.  We don’t know yet how what are their receiving hours, so it’s better to be there right in the morning.

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