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Saturday 8.14.21 Elvis Presley

Since we couldn’t visit Elvis’ birthplace yesterday, we went there this morning.  We left the trailer on the truck stop and drove the tractor.  We parked it in the bus parking lot. Fit well.  There were no buses and there were only a few cars.  It wasn’t crowded.  We got to walk in peace outside.  We didn’t even go indoors at all, even it would have been much cooler. It was pretty warm and humid outside

Jari, you came to our minds as soon as we got here.  That’s why we called you and introduced you to the place.  Did you start listening to Elvis after our call?

Elvis Presley birthplace, Tupelo, Mississippi
Elvis Presley birthplace, Tupelo, Mississippi.

A park has been built around Elvis’ birthplace and there are residental houses next door. The street next door is named after Elvis.

Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi

Elvis’ was born in this house that was built by his father and relatives

Elvis’ childhood church

Church building from the back

Outhouse like one below was shared by members of the Assembly of God Church and several residents.

There was more to see on the small hill

There were various memoirs of Elvis on the outer wall of the souvenir shop.

It is likely that the Elvis’ family moved from Tupelo to Memphis in this kind of car in 1939.

Memories of Elvis from his youth from different people

We continued our trip to Jackson, Tennessee and were there in the afternoon.  We will stay here for the rest of the day and tomorrow.  On Monday morning, we go back to work and pick up a load from about 50 miles / 80 kilometers away.  We’re taking it to Connecticut.

On our way here, the landscapes hardly changed.  Green trees and lawn along the roads.

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