Hello, I’m Elina. Welcome to follow my journey with my husband Heikki across North America. In this blog, you can get a behind-the-scenes look what life is like on the road.

Wednesday 8.11.21 El Paso, Texas

It was really nice to wake up in a regular bed, although there is nothing wrong with this truck bed either.  The bathroom and shower were closer than on the truck stop.  Brad brought us back to the truck and the new work day started before eight.  After all, we got one more hour today, when El Paso is an hour behind.

In the beginning of our trip today, the oil smelled quite strongly when there was a lot of oil drill in the desert. After all, they were on our way in Texas yesterday, too. Since our last visit to this area, solar panels have been put here. The picture is pretty bad when there was no flat road.  The speed limit also changed to 80 mph / 130 km/h.

The mountains were already looming on the horizon and soon we began to ascend.  Sometimes later it was flat again and then uphill and downhill.

It rained a little

On our trip to El Paso, or rather from there, is a border patrol checkpoint.  The queue was quite long with those going east.  There is no inspection to the west.  The mountains shown in the pictures below are already on the Mexican side.  So we drove close to border toward the end of this trip to El Paso.

Hopefully no one got hurt

Ciudad Juarez in Mexico is barely visible at the foot of the mountains. We were close to El Paso.

On our way to unloading site, Heikki got calls from more than one broker. We decided to take the load, which should have been retrieved from NM to California, but that load was canceled. Instead we received a new load from this same place, ie the Army base, and we export it to Alabama.
We had three big water tanks to bring here to El Paso and from here, two water tanks to Alabama. We were wondering if we were hauling these same tanks across the country.

We arrived at the army base sometimes after one o´clock (our time) and had to visit in two offices. In the latter one Heikki was told to wait for an escort. No one showed up for over 30 minutes, so Heikki called the person in the office. She said that the escort was suppose to be on the way already. She told that she would call again. How far was the escort coming from?
Went for a while and a soldier came to tell Heikki something. They left together back to the office. Heikki came back again we waited…eventually the soldier came back and escorted us to the unloading site. What a long way it was. This base is really large.
We were able to unload the load, but the soldier who had to sign the papers disappeared like ashes into the wind.  Heikki called the soldier, no answer but an answering machine.  Heikki went to the nearest office to look for help.  And again it took time … finally the soldier arrived and slowly we got to leave to pick up the new load.
Heikki had to visit office number two again to get papers for the new load.  This time we did not need an escort, but used the given map to navigate to the loading place.  The loaders were already waiting for us, so this time we didn’t have to wait for anyone.  The goods that were loaded were not water tanks, but two trailers.

We were only able to continue our journey five hours after our arrival and then we knew we didn’t have much time left for tonight. We looked at the electronic log book and it showed that we only had a couple of hours of work left.  We would have had little over four hours left for driving. After that, I researched the truck stop app and had to find a place where we could stay tonight. We no longer had time to drive as far as we would have liked.
 So our journey was back the same route we drove to the west in the morning, now to the east.  The last part of the route may change from that map route.  On the horizon of the next two pictures is Mexico again.  The fourth then shows how close we were to the border.
We hoped for rain on our way to have the dust washed away from our truck, but we turned the other way and the rain stayed on other side.

Now there were no longer as long queues for a border patrol inspection as in the morning.  We got through without inspection.  So did many others. We didn’t see the dogs, although the sign said the dogs were at work.
Less than an hour left and then at the truck stop.
We were hoping to get dinner here, but the restaurant had already closed at five.  So we were content with our own food and then for an evening walk.


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