President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö has nominated Eino Grön as the Cultural Counselor (or kulttuurineuvos in Finnish). Congratulations Eino.

Grön, Eino Joel was born and raised in Reposaari, an island part of Pori, Finland. He is well known musician but also physical education instructor. He used to wrestle and in many interviews of him, he says that sports and being active is still big part of his life.

Eino’s career has been long and well versed. He is also well known by many Floridians, after all, he is our neighbor. Eino is a dual citizen of Finland and United States. He has lived at Palm Beach over 30 years.

The honorary title is given to people who has had a positive impact on their society throughout their lives. The title is always given by the Presidnet and there are about 100 differnet titles that can be given. There is no entitlements or responsibilities to the title, but tax must be paid for it.

The first Cultural Counselor of Finland was nominated in 2006: Tuula Arkio, Government Art Museum Chief Director (Valtion taidemuseon ylijohtaja). Eino is the 12th Cultural Counselor named by the president.

Once more, congratulations, Eino! We are happy for you!