ETIAS, European Travel Information and Authorization System will be set into force by the end of 2022. This is an electronic travel authorization and is comparable to USA’s ESTA, Electronic System for Travel Authorization system. All non- European travelers, including Americans, must have ETIAS travel authorization when visiting any Schengen country, unless the visit requires a different visa.

ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System

The Travel information and authorization system was proposed by the EU commission in 2016 and approved later the same year. It will be fully implemented into use by the end of 2022. All non-EU citizens, including Americans, Australians, Brits and tourists outside of the Schengen countries must have ETIAS travel permit to enter the country.

ETIAS is similar to ESTA

United States has a similar visa waiver program called ESTA and ETIAS will be similar with the application process and structure. The new system will help protect the borders of the European Union. ETIAS will be tied to the traveler’s passport, and it grants the person 90 days to spend in eligible countries. Person can apply for the ETIAS travel authorization for example to visit Finland, and while visiting Finland, the person can travel to e.g. Sweden, Norway or Estonia and do not need to apply new travel authorization for each separate country. ETIAS will be mandatory travel document for travelers traveling to, or through Finland (unless of course the person is citizen, permanent resident, citizen of anther European country, or requires a different visa).

US citizens have not had to pay before to visit Europe

The ETIAS form is electronic, and the cost is €7. It will be valid for 3 years and after that the traveler must reapply and pay again. It is easy to fill out and you’ll get the travel document fast. However, it is recommended to fill out the form 72 hours in advance to ensure you’ll receive the document in time before the travel date.

ETIAS travel document will be needed to travel to Finland in 2022. Image source: