Finnair announced through social media platform LinkedIn that some direct flights between Finland and the US are returning. Pasi Kuusisto, Director, Business Operations, Finnair, shared a post that the direct flight between New York JFK and Helsinki-Vantaa airport will return to the flight schedule March 6th. Chicago O’Hare and Finland flight will return on April 30th and to Miami November 30th, 2021.

THL, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, recommends all airlines to require a negative COVID-19 test result from all passengers traveling to Finland. The negative test result can shorten the 14 day long self-quarantine time. However, if you do enter Finland without a test result, you will be directed to get tested at the airport upon arrival.

If your stay in Finland will be longer that 72 hours, you will be recommended to get a second test done after 3 days. If the result of this test is also negative, you may end self-quarantine. If the result is positive, you are recommended to seek guidance with the healthcare facility in your self-quarantine municipality.

Finland has also released a service called FINENTRY. This service provides you with guidance regadign arrival to Finland. This digital service is a simple form to fill out and it provides you with instructions based on your responses. You can test the service on their website:

The Finnish Border Control gives you the latest COVID-19 related information and current travel restrictions. It is recommended that you’ll visit their site to see all the latest updates prior to your travels to Finland. The latest restrictions were set in motion on January 27th, 2021 and they will be in effect at least until February 25th 2021. These restrictions tightened the rules of entering Finland. However, Finnish citizens, permanent residents and their families are allowed to travel to Finland. There are also some exceptions to enter the country and you will find all the rules on the border control’s website.

It is positive to hear that some of the direct flights are returning to the schedule and hopefully things will normalize even more during spring. We are all eager to see our families and friends in Finland and we just have to stay patient for little longer.