Delray Beach is known for its beaches, art, restaurants and nightlife, but there are a few “gems” that you may not find at first glance.

The first one is O.G., also known as the Oceanside grocers. This place is sort of hidden and is located on Atlantic Avenue and it’s 2. Ave angle. It looks like a grocery shop, but when you enter the scent of popcorn and the hip-hop atmosphere in the old school, it will welcome you to a place in your home. Local favourites are special drinks and, for example, Sangria-drink. They also organize different kinds of events often-you can track events on their Instagram page.

Around the corner on 3rd St. and NE 3rd Ave. is a place you may not even notice when you pass it. This restaurant and bar fits the artistic ambience of Delray, a blue-painted house, with white doors and warm red lights. The number “301” is painted in shaded windows. This copacetic-place welcomes you with live music, drink specialities and an interesting menu by Chef Jaimen. They provide foods like herbs and vegetables which are extracted from the backyard.

Yaxche tearoom: If you are looking for a laid back place, this funky tea room, located on Swinton Avenue, blends well with other colorful houses. It offers multi-cuisine in a comfortable location. The menu offers a wide range of dishes, especially for those who want to eat healthy and they only have purified water.

If you are looking for a restaurant with a sea view, the restaurant 50 Ocean is on the beach. It is a seaside restaurant with atmosphere. The selection of dishes are extensive and brunch is served every Sunday.

At Avant Delray 2nd Ave and on Atlantic Avenue’s Corner you will find a artistically decorated restaurant and bar. The food is served on small plates with live music on Fridays and Saturdays. On Sundays, it has an omelette bar with special drinks for brunch.